Twist to extract the juice, then easily discard the block of compressed fruit pulp!

The Coolest Juicer (no modesty in that name there) was designed to be a proverbial slap in the faces of companies like Juicero and Juisir that design products that perform ridiculously simple tasks like squeezing fruit, but demand thousands of dollars for hardware that basically does what a pair of hands can do.

Using simple mechanics and a robust design, this is the Coolest Juicer. It does what the Juicero does, but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. It also makes cleaning incredibly easy, because the compression action doesn’t just extract juices from the fruit, it also compresses the fruit pulp into a single block that you can literally pick up and throw away.

The Coolest Juicer comes with a base, a rotating handle, and a series of containers that you can easily store your cut/sliced/peeled fruit in. Just load the containers into the juicer’s frame and you’re ready to get juicing! A silicone ring around the side of the container’s lid not only keeps the lid fastened securely, but also works as a squeegee that cleans the container as you squeeze, making it easy to rinse off tiny bits of fruit when you’re done.

Designer: Eddie Han