This stress-relief kinetic spinner was created out of love for maths and the Fibonacci sequence

Move over stress balls and squeezy balls, I have a new muse in the SQUARE WAVE – the Mind-Bending Kinetic Spinner. Giving math a fun twist and inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, this stress-relief sculpture creates some fantastic optical illusions that can keep your mind off the daily rut. Crafted with 21 connected metal rods, the SQUARE WAVE curves and mutate unexpectedly. It’s fun just watching the structure spin and move … almost hypnotic in its moves.

Available in 3 finishes: metallic silver, eclipse bronze, and lunar gold, each one of these create their own diverse optical illusions and keep you captivated for hours. Just don’t forget to come back to reality, every now and then!

Designer: Ivan Black

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Square Wave

A unique piece of kinetic design inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, the basic structure that is the make up of every living thing. Just spin it to get surprised by a series of mind-bending optical illusions, and unexpected hypnotizing revolutions.

Square wave is made up of 21 connected metal rods which curve and mutate unexpectedly with the introduction of energy. The repetition of identical elements is precisely calibrated to create complex fluid structures.

100% Made In Italy

Designed in the UK and made in Italy, Square Wave combines iconic natural forms with mathematical formulae. Each bend and curl of the material is precisely calibrated to create a seamlessly integrated mechanism.

Manufactured in Italy in a factory with a 30 years history in metal machining. Each unit is assembled by hand and tested. Square Wave is 9,8 x 9,8 in (25×25 cm) and it’s made of high-quality chrome plated steel and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage (yes, you can hang it in your garden or patio).

About Ivan Black

Square Wave was designed by the award winning artist Ivan Black. His work reflects a fascination and kinship with the mathematical patterns found everywhere in nature e.g. waves, leaves, shells, the human form etc. Tending towards the minimalist in design, his work reveals how order silently governs our seemingly disorderly world.

Click Here To Buy Now: $44. Hurry, less than 24 hours left!