A Step Towards Phone-Freedom


Without a screen or a keypad, the design of this phone aims to strip away all the excess functions of a modern mobile phone and only keep its most fundamental parts. As such, the device can also serve as a wallet or a business card case, allowing one to carry less in the pockets. This design also addresses the issue of global smartphone addiction. The designer deliberately suppressed the components that made the phone convenient to use in order to free people from their reliance on their smartphones, while still offering them a device which has the essential functionalities of a mobile phone to communicate with each other wirelessly.The exterior of the device is made of wood, linen, and straw fabric to express an eco-conscious and environmentally friendly motif. The screen-less and keypad-less design makes it easy to answer a call but difficult to dial a call. It is easy to remember the location to press to pick up the call, but more difficult to remember the sequence to dial a number. This embedded complexity will reduce the number of unnecessary calls one makes.

This concept is a Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2105 winner.

Designer: Guo Qing