A weather-based indoor farming system to help your plant parenting dreams

We all have heard the importance of farming, planting trees, and going green. But we also are in the race to have the best urban lives. Finding a balance between urban living and incorporating green elements into our daily lives is essential for a holistic and sustainable lifestyle. While urban environments cater to our aspirations and societal needs, the importance of nature and its benefits cannot be overlooked. Weatheseed offers a unique solution to bridge the gap between these contrasting lifestyles, allowing us to enjoy the tranquility of rural living within the city through water and plants.

Designer: Naeun Kim and Nakyung Kang of W ID

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In our fast-paced urban lives, there is a growing desire to reconnect with nature and embrace the comfort and serenity of the countryside. Many individuals opt for a lifestyle that combines urban living during the workweek with rural getaways on weekends. Additionally, cultivating plants in the city has become a popular way to experience the indirect benefits of rural living. However, keeping track of weather conditions and dedicating time to plant management can be challenging amidst busy city schedules.

Weatheseed addresses the challenges faced by urban dwellers by providing a system that enables individuals to predict and cope with the conditions of their farmland, making plant cultivation easier and more efficient. With Weatheseed, the visual representation of weather conditions in the countryside becomes accessible in the city, facilitating informed decisions regarding plant care and providing comfort to those living in modern society.

“Weatheseed” is derived from the fusion of three words: weather, supersede, and seed. The product incorporates a weather forecasting feature, allowing users to gauge and display weather conditions. Weatheseed provides the necessary resources for plant growth by utilizing water and LED lights. Water, after providing moisture, is collected back into the water bottle through a pipe, ensuring efficient use.

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A visual representation of weather and humidity in the countryside is made possible through the movement of water on the “weather notification board” and heating caused by the water pipe. By installing a unit with a hook-shaped crown in the field, the humidity can be monitored, and weather information can be shared. This feature aids in effectively managing crops effectively.

The flowerpot design includes a tray that can be adjusted in three sizes to accommodate plant growth rates. A multipurpose tray stores supplies such as nutritional supplements and pruning shears. The product also incorporates a charging socket at the bottom for aesthetics and convenience, offering a clean cable management solution. Wheels are provided for easy movement, and a pedal controls the wheels, allowing for stability when lifted.

The unit head can be separated from the main body and installed on cultivated land. This feature enables the measurement of soil moisture, providing valuable insights for both city and rural farming. The higher the number, the more humid the soil, ensuring that crops receive appropriate water for healthy growth.

Weatheseed comes in two earthy colors: Monstera Khaki and Kalonji Blue. These color choices have been thoughtfully selected to blend seamlessly with various interior design styles, enhancing the overall aesthetics of any space.

Weatheseed presents an innovative solution that harmonizes urban living with green elements, enabling individuals to experience the benefits of rural living within the city. By providing weather information, efficient plant growth systems, and soil moisture measurement, Weatheseed simplifies the process of plant cultivation and encourages a balanced and sustainable lifestyle. With its functionality, aesthetics, and customization options, Weatheseed offers a valuable tool for embracing nature in our modern urban lives.