The Djokovic Watch

The N1 watch is a tribute to everyone’s favorite tennis pro, the top ranked (and totally shaggable) Novak Djokovic. The inspiration from the sport’s signature racket pattern is reflected on the inner surface in the form of a net that provides a delicate touch in contrast with its other bold, masculine features, including the No.1 insignia- a nod to Djokovic.

Designer: Marko Petrovic


  • Jason says:

    Wow, nice one

  • Dakoroman, Sydney says:

    Dakoroman, Sydney – Designer Marko Petrovic has created “N1 Watch Concept” leaving nothing to add.
    Words/ description are not needed, “Nole – No. 1” …says everything. A design to celebrate PATRIOTISM + NATIONALISM.

  • Dakoroman, Sydney says:

    Dakoroman, Sydney – designer Marko Petrovic is also enlighten us with some Universe cosmology.
    See first picture: the first/ greenish circle = the Moon, second circle/ NOLE nO. 1 = Earth, the bigger bottom circles = two suns/ our system is a binary solar system. Also, the components form an “ancient” Hexagram, reflecting Marko Petrovic’s knowledges about Sacred Geometry.Splendid creation.

  • beko lcd tv says:

    its a good watch…

  • that gorgeous, I want one

  • raka says:

    where we can buy this watch
    may you advise please
    thank you

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