Bloom Chair is an open source furniture that lets you design your own piece

Call it modular, call it DIY, call it I-have-control-over-my-interiors; the purpose of the Bloom Chair is to let you customize your chair, just the way you like it to be. It’s a collaborative effort between you and the manufacturer, where you get to download the modular design, cut it yourself and finally assemble it. While you make your piece, you have the liberty of modifying the pattern and making the end-shape define your vision. Haffun!

Designers: Hsuan Ting Huang & Tsung Ying Hsieh

“This project is a heart-touching blending of sense and experience; It is not just about designing furniture and home décor, but a service process as well. Instead of making and distributing mass production, the process invites users to learn manufacturing process of furniture and experience with their own hands. Bloom Chair embodies such a full bloom concept and proposes a new kind of status for scrap leather,” Huang & Hsieh explained.

“The elasticity, flexibility and durability of leather enables it to carry the weight of the human body while being able to be shaped freely. Breakthroughs in leather testing eliminates processing and leftover materials, allowing free disassembly of each part to minimize unnecessary part wastage,” designers continued.