Lock With No Key

You may find this funny, but I carry a separate coin purse in my handbag, exclusively for the keys to the locks of my travel bags. One lost key, a busted zipper and an expensive broken lock later, I decided not to take the risk of misplacing the keys ever again! Lockeeper hopes to remedy such situations and I really hope that the concept of a self locking zipper (with a Braille option) is the answer to my prayers.

Lockeeper is a 2011 Fall/Winter Spark Awards Entry.

Designer: Youngdo Choi


  • Shawn Rosvold says:

    Unfortunately, it looks very fragile. It protrudes too much and looks like it would snap off the first time the bag gets tossed at the airport. If you could come up with a flat design, I think that would be more durable.

  • Quintin says:

    It should have this airport-security unlocking feature.

    I went on vacation with an ex girlfriend once, her locked zipper was broken because they needed to check on something in her bag. The bag could not be locked afterwards (they cut off the little ‘ring’-thing for the padlock from one side of the zipper).

  • ha why didn’t i think of this, great concept

  • Jimmy C says:

    This is a good idea. I agree with Shawn about the lock being flat. I also love that you are considering a Braille setting, I don’t think bag locks usually do that.

  • Lee Gardener says:

    Kinda sticks out a bit and looks a bit flimsy too.

  • Noorani says:

    Innovative idea. But, this must be bit pricey. Isn’t it?

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