Let the colors speak louder than words with this charger/tray that displays your emotions

We as humans are an emotional species; we express a diverse range of emotions that we either choose to bottle up inside or express up front! This can make the professional workspace a particularly challenging environment, and this is where Vibe really comes into play.

Vibe encourages communication between colleagues by allowing individuals to anonymously express their emotions through colors and chroma. The gradient of the color gradually changes as the team members update their emotional status; this allows everyone to visually comprehend the atmosphere of the team quickly and efficiently, leading to a more harmonious work environment!

Vibe isn’t just for expressing emotion, it can also be used to ask quick-fire questions to the rest of the team, such as ‘Who fancies a cuppa?’ or ‘Where are we heading after work?’ Could this be the perfect addition to the busy workplace?

Designer: Joonho Shin

Red (angry), Orange (joy), Purple (gloomy), Blue (sad), Green (comfy)

Emotional Input – Operation along the touch sensor located on the side of the display. First, select the color to represent the type of emotion and then adjust the chroma according to the depth of the emotion.

Vibe – The most basic function which can visualize the mood of past by stored atmosphere of the team, and the one’s own feeling.

Vibe Messenger – You can suggest simple actions to your team members and check reactions or respond to the suggestion. For example, want a coffeetime? > Absolutely (O) / Sorry (X)

Delay Mode – Delay mode can prevent people from suspecting you when they pay attention to you touching the device to express your emotions. After expressing your expression, the emotion is displayed on the devices of other team members after the time you set has passed.