Power Under Water!


Look at the snorkel design and you’ll realize one thing. There’s just one pipe that serves as an inlet as well as outlet. In most situations this wouldn’t be a problem, but in high-performance sports you’d face one nagging problem. A combined inlet-outlet means that there’s always residual air in the tube, and after a few breaths, you end up breathing primarily residual exhaled air. This air is CO2 rich and deficient in Oxygen, causing fatigue, and a lowered performance. The Ameo Powerbreather ditches the old design for something radically effective. First off, it provides a single path for air. Air intake take place through the tube. All exhaled air is expelled into the water, so you’re not breathing recycled air. To make the Powerbreather even better, the design incorporates two inlet tubes instead of one, allowing you to breathe faster. The tubes travel around the side of the head, so they don’t obstruct your vision. The inlets also prevent water seepage, allowing seasoned swimmers to even perform flips while swimming. A lock at the back ensures the Powerbreather stays strapped to your head comfortably yet securely. What say, water-freaks??

Designer: Matthias Ocklenburg

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