Former Dyson experts collaborated to create the best cordless vacuum cleaner

With a background in vacuum technology from perhaps the leading innovator in the domain, the creators of Lupe have a reputation that speaks for itself. Having previously worked at Dyson, the designers behind the Lupe are no strangers to the woes of vacuuming… be it the wires, the weak suction, the weight of the appliance, or even the fact that a powerful vacuum cleaner comes with a very hefty price tag. The Lupe Pure Cordless, a product of over three years of engineering and prototyping, is none of those things.

The guys behind Lupe say that it’s hands down the best cordless vacuum cleaner they’ve seen. A combination of an upright, cylinder, and handheld vacuum cleaner, Lupe was designed to be used anywhere, anyhow, with a battery-powered brushless motor that allows the vacuum to be used and carried anywhere, unencumbered by wires, or the lack of a nearby plug-point. Lupe’s designers and engineers also developed what they call the Suction Intensifier, a technology that aids their powerful motor by almost doubling the cleaner’s useful suction power, proverbially leaving its competition in the dust! The Lupe comes with a Japanese brushless motor that’s capable of spinning at 108,000 RPM (roughly double the speed of a jet engine), allowing you to clean your floor, rug, or sofa in a single sweep of your hand, rather than having to move to and fro.

Lupe’s powerful motor is aided by its removable battery pack that can be removed and charged separately along with the rest of your gadgets, and eventually replaced after years of use. When running, the battery gives you over 60 minutes of vacuuming on a full charge, enough to clean the entire house, and Lupe’s universal cleaning head, multi-function accessories and wand attachment give it the ability to work on rugs, floors, upholstery, stairs, ceilings, and even in your car.

The cordless vacuum cleaner comes with its own bag-less 1000cc (1 liter) bin that was designed for easy removal and cleaning (without even getting your hands dirty). The air being sucked into the Lupe goes through a HEPA filter too, trapping in not just dirt and dust but even micro-particles like pollen and allergens too, so the air coming out of the Lupe is cleaner and purer than the air going in. The HEPA filters can be removed and washed too, making them infinitely reusable.

Lupe’s design combines power, function, portability, and ease-of-use in a design that was made to last. Unlike big brands that build better products each subsequent year, rendering older models obsolete, Lupe’s design can be reused, with parts that are easy to remove and replace, and an extended warranty especially for early adopters on Kickstarter. The entire vacuum cleaner can be disassembled and stored in closets (or alternatively kept assembled and standing in a corner of your room), and Lupe’s simple interface with just four buttons means it can be used right out of the box to battle dust, dirt, grime, cobwebs, and the occasional accidental cornflakes spill anywhere, anyhow!

Designers: Lucas Horne, Pablo Montero-Cowell, Oliver Skittery & Gary Poolman

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Lupe Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

A premium cordless vacuum that is powerful, enduring and flexible. Created by former Dyson experts with patented technology, it offer unrivaled performance and supports upgradable design.

The Pure Cordless excels at three major factors where others are compromised.

– The patented technology delivers enduring power that cannot be matched and our unique platform delivers the rest.
– The Pure Cordless is a premium machine featuring the latest technology in brushless motors, batteries and dust collection.
– There is no better machine for gathering dust and dirt, and our HEPA filtration captures 99.97% of fine dust and allergens.


Unrivaled suction power through patented technology. Lupe’s enduring suction comes from inner strength, the patented Suction Intensifier delivers the strongest and most efficient suction of any cordless out there, with no compromise in picking up any debris type.

See for yourself below how Lupe compares to the competition on an exceptional challenge of 20mm (0.8 inches) deep grooves filled with dust:

Patented Suction Intensifier Technology

Optimum pick up across different surfaces and debris types all the time, with no settings to change.

– Powerful motorized agitator for cleaning hair and deep-down dirt – great for carpet.
– Air tight rotating seal conforms to all surfaces and debris, preventing unnecessary leaks and increasing suction – great for hard floors.
– Velocity vane increases air velocity by reducing the opening on the floor surface.

Increased velocity and eliminated leaks results in up to x10 the useful suction at the cleaner head compared to some conventional designs. Doing more with less. That’s the power of pure.


Power is nothing without endurance. Unlike other models, the pure cordless offers outstanding dust cleaning performance for a full 60 minutes.


The Lupe Pure Cordless is a true 3-in-1 vacuum that offers the best of all worlds wrapped into one convenient package, and has outstanding reach to high places (2m/6.5ft).

Conventional cordless stick vacuums put all the weight in your hand, Lupe’s unique format makes cleaning high easy with significantly less weight to lift.

Taking the cleaning head off to switch between configurations is really quick and easy.

Fully Capable But Smaller in Size

The design team has aimed to bring the whole-house vacuum up to date with the 21st century. The Pure Cordless is slim and convenient but packed with power.

One Cleaning Head

Rather than multiple cleaning heads, the team focused on one head capable of cleaning all surfaces, one that seamlessly moves from one surface to another. There’s no longer any need to have multiple vacuums (or multiple heads) for different tasks. Because sometimes, one head really is better than two.

Below: See How The Lupe Pure Cordless is Different

1. Battery pack removable without tools
2. Brushless motor housed in separate removable housing
3. Washable lifetime filters
4. Single service panel reveals access to motor and control PCB
5. Detachable pickup head has removable components and no PCB electronics on board
6. Dust separation system is self-contained and made from polycarbonate for exceptional durability
7. All control electronics centrally housed and re-programmable

The Pure Cordless has been expertly engineered in detail to ensure the design can stand the test of time.

Below: Features

1. Pickup Head

The most energy-efficient dust pick-up technology available intensifies the suction for deep-down cleaning across all surfaces – no settings to change. Two motorized agitators deal with any debris type – large, fine and pet hair.

Easy to remove both brush rollers simply using a coin.

2. Motor

The Japanese brushless motor spins at 108,000rpm (twice as fast as a jet engine) and has exceptional energy efficiency. It’s also exceptionally durable.

3. Cyclonic Bagless Separator

With two stages of cyclonic separation and two stages of filtration the Pure Cordless is at the cutting edge of dust separation technology. With a genuine 1000cc (1 liter) capacity the Lupe pure cordless has the one of the largest bin capacities of any cordless. Less bin emptying to get the job done quicker.

Very easy to empty.

4. Battery

The Pure Cordless 32.4V 81Wh Li-Ion battery delivers 60 minutes of powerful cleaning from one single charge. The LEDs on the front communicate accurate charge capacity remaining. The battery can be charged on the machine with no dock, or taken out and charged discretely while the machine is stowed away in a cupboard.

The Pure Cordless has 9 Murata (formerly Sony) high drain, high capacity lithium-ion cells. The battery pack is fitted with a fully featured protection board to monitor health of the battery and communicate with the control system in the Pure Cordless to always ensure optimum performance.

5. HEPA Anti-Allergy Filter

A genuine HEPA (H13) filter separating 99.97% of fine dust and allergens down to 0.3 millionths of a meter. Easy to remove and wash for optimum performance. Other brands use lower grade filters that allow 100’s of times more fine dust through.

Accessory Tools

The multi-function accessory tools are useful and not a drawer-full that clutters your home and never gets used. An upholstery tool and a crevice tool both with slide up/down bristles for dusting. The Pure Cordless is supplied with a holder to attach them to the product to save you losing them.

Simple Controls

The Pure Cordless has very simple controls to access the three power modes and to turn-off/override the brush roller for delicate surfaces.


The Pure Cordless has been designed and built with two principles at heart – purity of purpose, and longevity of design.

It has been designed and built with the singular purpose of keeping your home clean, and we’ve designed it to last: no built-in obsolescence, no superseding product every year.

What’s in the Box?

– pure cordless main body
– universal pick-up head with suction intensifier technology
– lithium ion battery pack
– charger (will be territory specific)
– detachable wand
– multi-function crevice and upholstery accessory tools and on-board mount

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