Print That Screen, Literally!

Document Extractor – Combi Monitor is a screen that doubles up as a printer as well. Why? Because you need precious space on your desk to put other stuff! You need to have cool tech devices that put stacks of printer paper hidden away from view! You need to boast of uber cool monitors just cause you don’t own a 27” iMac! That’s why!

This monitor is just not a convergence product which is combined of printer and scanner. This monitor has the solution for saving our precious working times and natural resources. When we surf the web or print out pictures and word files, we have to print the whole pages or some pages by running a image editing program like photoshop. This process is just inconvenient and wasting of time. By using this monitor, we can save working times and natural resources(Ink or Toner). Even more, we can minimize working spaces and print out the most necessary sections intuitively using this monitor which is combined of printer and scanner.

Designer: Byeong Min Choe