The ’59 Corvette Stingray gets a fitting 60th anniversary fan-made tribute

Marking the 60th anniversary of his favorite car, the ’59 Corvette Stingray, Dejan Hristov’s put together a conceptual tribute to the 1959 vehicle designed by Pete Brock, Bill Mitchell, and Larry Shinoda, retaining elements of all previous Corvettes in an eclectic way, in order to fully preserve the DNA of the brand, while adding Hristov’s personal signature touch.

The 2019 Corvette Stingray concept comes with a much more defined and sinewy design language than its predecessor, with curved lines, highly elevated and sharp wheel hoods, and a sculpted hood that makes way for air-ducts to cool the car’s innards. Hristov sacrifices the rear windshield as a creative decision, but also proposes a rear-camera that beams footage to a screen on the car’s dashboard. On the inside, the Stingray Concept has an 8-cylinder engine, and is combined with a modern hybrid drive.

As a part of Hristov’s conceptual series, the Stingray concept comes in two variants, a Coupé and a Convertible (shown at the bottom), and retains the car’s frontal-engine setup, a detail that Chevrolet plans to deviate from with their own Stingray announcement a month from now.

Designer: Dejan Hristov