A Porsche fit for the dark lord

Although one wouldn’t imagine Lord Commander Vader to drive around the Death Star in one of these vehicles (keen Star Wars fans would even point out that none of the vehicles in Star Wars even have tires to begin with), this Custom 60′ Porsche 356 RSR seems to perfectly capture Darth Vader’s inner spirit, with its matte-black bodywork and Vader-esque trims on the front as well as the back.

The Vadermobile (sounds like an apt name, no?) was the result of a 4 year project of reimagining a Porsche 1960 356B T5 coupe, by adding hand-formed removable aluminium tail and nose details that take heavy inspiration from the Dark Lord’s black suit, along with a one-piece aluminium hood with an oil cooler air outlet, and stainless mesh grills for the cooling ducts, giving the car it’s signature dark-side appeal. The car’s paint job is bespoke too, a matte finish that Emory calls Meteorite Matte Metallic.

On the inside, the custom automobile holds a 393 horsepower Emory-Rothsport twin-turbo Outlaw-4 engine, an 18-gallon fuel safe fuel cell, and a Radium PCST fuel delivery system. The interiors are a testament to the designers’ love of MOMO products, with the brand’s steering wheel, harnesses, and even custom seats, modelled after the 911 RSR, wrapped in flame-retardant Spanish Red Veltex fabric, complete with embroidered MOMO logos.

Emory Motorsports debuted the Vader-inspired Porsche 356 RSR at Luftgekühlt in Los Angeles last month, and just like Lord Commander Vader himself, this automobile is one of a kind!

Designer: Rod Emory of Emory Motorsports