Custom Bumblebee bike begs for a Transformers movie appearance

Out of all the Transformers in the movie series, Bumblebee has seen the most drastic change. It’s evolved from a Volkswagen Beetle to the hot Chevrolet Camaro without taming the color scheme of course.

So, how about another change, a transition from a four-wheeled autoboot to a two-wheeled sleek robot that’s more agile and of course flamboyant?

Designer: RH Customs

The creative minds from India undertook the project to craft a cool Bumblebee out of a 1,284 cc Honda X4, and boy did it turn out well. This one derives its visual awesomeness from Michael Bay’s version highlighted by the chromatic combination. I just can’t keep my eyes off the intricately designed Bumblebee head with those amber LED lights.

RH Customs has added a weathered, rustic look to the motorcycle, and it’s complemented by the custom-designed saddle having diamond-stitched patterns and hand-carved fenders and fairings. They’ve also incorporated the cam covers salvaged from a 1972 Chevrolet Camaro SS. Those Autobots logos/emblems on the front forks and adjacent to the fuel tank add a sense of affiliation to the franchise which is quite convincing. The custom tuning house has carved a brand-new frame and swingarm for the bike to make way for the beefy rear wheel. This also lends the bike a lower stance.

The signature yellow and black color scheme of this ride is so damn hard to ignore – it virtually overshadows any other custom build that I already fancy. Once you ride the saddle, the fuel and temperature gauges instantly grab your attention. These are portrayed as light bars on top of the tank. And yes, before I forget to mention those, the glaring eyes of the Autobot are for show and the two additional lights on the front fairings act as the headlights while driving. Unfortunately, this sleek baby is not up for grabs and is a one-off creation only!