If Batman drove a Lamborghini, it would almost certainly look like this modded beast

What do you get when you cross a bat and a raging bull? This monster, right here!

Here’s the crossover we don’t need, but we deserve. Designed by Wanoco4D, this demonic-little number should most certainly put the fear of the bat into even the most hardened criminals. Based on the Lamborghini Aventador, Wanoco4D’s Batmobile-from-an-alternate-universe comes outfitted with an armor-plated external shell, carefully concealing little gifts like lasers, scopes, turret guns, and smoke outlets, courtesy Wayne Enterprises.

Designer: Wanoco4D

Titled rather simply ‘Yale’, Wanoco4D mentions that the inspiration for this automobile came from both the Batmobile as well as James Bond’s car. Although one could argue that one source of inspiration really overshadows the other, the Yale does have a faceted, armored design that seems highly reminiscent of Christian Bale’s Bat-suit, with its chiseled, split-surface design. There aren’t too many details on the car’s specifics, especially considering it’s a concept, but a few observations include the car’s gullwing-style doors, the rear-hatch that opens outwards probably to allow Batman to make a quick vertical entry or exit, and a turret-gun in the back in one of Wanoco4D’s versions. The Japan-based visual designer has been tinkering with the model since 2019, working on different iterations, details, materials, and lighting styles. Some of them have yellow lighting accents, sort of keeping in line with the original iconic yellow-and-black batman logo, while others rely on blue headlights, and red tail-lights. Wanoco4D even worked on a ‘stealth’ variant (shown at the bottom of the article) with a sandy-brown outer skin, designed to blend into a wasteland-style apocalyptic cityscape.

Wanoco4D mentions he’s still working on the car (specifically its interiors), although a peek through the windshield definitely shows a single-seater cockpit. I guess Master Wayne prefers riding solo.

What’s perhaps the most interesting part of this entire exercise, is the very choice of the car’s make. While people don’t instantly connect the words Lamborghini and Batman at first glance, a quick look at their individual ‘brand attributes’ reveals quite a few similarities – Aggression, strength, dominating spirit, speed, and luxury too (after all, a Batmobile is far from being a cheap vehicle). Sure, at first glance, seeing a Lambo Batmobile may feel like a bit of a culture-shock, but that feeling should almost instantly subside, only to be replaced with a feeling of familiarity, given how they’re clearly a match made in heaven!