A suitcase designed to help your toddler one step at a time

The world is a much bigger place for the little ones, with many intriguing, exciting places being just out of reach of their inquisitive hands. Usually, this is not a problem at home, as handy stools and convenient steps add some height to their small stature, but it does become a concern while traveling!

That’s where Hop comes into play; this versatile little suitcase becomes an ideal companion on trips with your toddler! Hop combines a suitcase and a step into one compact unit, with a generous sprinkling of playfulness. Ride it, drag it or step on it, Hop is there to support your baby through travel time. This friendly product is designed keeping in mind the parents comfort too, with straps that make carrying the bag a breeze. Housed within the bag is a generous space to hold your baby’s essentials to keep them comfortable anywhere they go. And most important of all, this simple step reduces the demands made on the already weary parent by introducing an element of independence to the child, allowing them to safely explore new places!

Designer: Knack Design Studio