iClick Good Pictures With iCamera

Amidst many iWatch and iPhone 5S / iPhone 6 rumors, we have here the iCamera Concept. A total figment of creative imagination that sparks a debate amongst Apple Fanboys and girls! Straightforward and intuitive, I like what I see and think of it as a well inspired idea. What do you think?

Designer: Tomas Moyano


  • Chris says:

    What you see depends on the distance between your eyes and the screen. In order to be a realistic thing (you capture what you see), it should zoom out as you get closer with your eyes and zomm in as you get farther. So, there should be no “zoom” button.

  • Chris says:

    In fact, there is no zooming in what I have described. To capture what you see, means no zooming, but rather enlarging the format of the photo.

  • Martin says:

    Similar concept: “zooming” by changing the distance to the eye:

  • ipesdu26 says:

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  • Tomas says:

    Hello! i am tomas, the “designer”. Thank you very much for your comments! i developed only de concept, but it is interesting how could we bring it on a real product. It is no written on the images, but i guess that the camera zoom would work out regarding the face camera. This camera would detect how far are you from the device, and with that information resize the image taken.

  • Martin says:

    It does seem like you could very easily block the lens with your fingers… but still a nice concept that I think apple could build off of

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