A clock with separate hour and minute faces to inspire a dialogue

The Dialogue Clock’s unique design draws attention to a few things. Firstly, its immediate separation of the usually concentric coaxial watch hands. Not only do the watch hands now exist one beside the other, they also turn the positive space into negative, making the hand a cutout in a white dial. This allows the two dials (hour and minute) to look like pacman-ish faces that rotate in their place, only facing each other twice in the entire day (at 3:45). The rather unusual design of the Dialogue clock also opens it up to a lot of other explorations. Can you think of a few?

Designer: Evgenia Dymkina

“There are no arrows: the first disc shows the hour, the second one — minutes. As in a dialogue between people — there are two different positions: they are changing in time, but they are in the connection with each other,” Dymkina told Yanko Design.

“Nowadays is time of changes. The simplicity is the main value. Our kids will not write, just talk. They will not read, mostly hear. Do we really expect them to read time by arrows? However, one of our objectives as designers is to create something humane, which invites people to talk to each other, to be in a dialogue.”