The NEX makes your backpack feel up to 30% lighter

You’ve got to admire the sheer ingenuity of the people who came up with the Nex! Tackling two problems with one fell swoop, the Nex is completely new product category altogether that makes carrying backpacks an absolute literal breeze. Not only does the Nex make carrying backpacks easier, by acting as a cushion around the shoulder straps, but the Nex packs a few pockets into it too, giving you extra storage that’s easy to access.

The genius of the Nex is in providing cushioning and adding storage in a product that can be retrofitted onto any bag, backpack, or side-sling. With its patented Air Tech cushioned design, the Nex eases the weight of heavy bags on your shoulders by adding a layer of air-filled comfort around the straps. Designed to be strapped onto any bag, the Nex can be used on backpacks, camera bags, slings, messengers, or even on its own, as a slim carry-on for just your essentials. It comes with built-in pockets that are big enough for your phone, power bank, passport, and even a hidden pocket for keys, or any other essentials, giving you quick access to all your belongings. The pockets sit on the front, right near your chest, keeping your valuables safe from pick-pockets too! Designed to be secure not just from pickpockets, but from the elements too, the Nex even comes with a waterproof construction, making it perfect to use on day-to-day trips to work, on flights, as well as on outdoor trips and treks.

A true problem-solver, the Nex is designed to be used with bags you may already have, integrating well into your lifestyle. When you want to travel light, each Nex can be individually used as a slim cross-body bag too, giving you just the storage you need… and when you’re heavy-duty traveling with a weekend’s worth of clothes and gear, the Nex eases the load on your shoulders by giving you cushioning and support, so you can easily carry your belongings without the shoulder fatigue or back pain!

Designer: Addon Design

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NEX: 3 in 1 Bag Mate for Travelers, Commuters and Photographers

This versatile bag mate features AIR CUSHION for comfort, FUNCTIONAL POCKETS for convenience and can be worn alone as a CROSS-BODY BAG.

What Bag Mate Means

The Nex comes with an air cushion to make loads feel lighter, to relax your shoulders and to improve your posture. Inspired by NIKE AIR shoes to adapt their own patented AIR TECH for NEX. Bag Mate is compatible with almost all of the bags on the market.

This innovative design evenly distributes the weight across your entire shoulder, making loads feel at least 30% lighter, while keeping your neck, back, and shoulders aligned in a relaxed position to improve your posture.

The interlinked Air System connects each individual air unit with nitrogen. This gives better pressure distribution, making your shoulder feel comfortably supportive.

One Size Fits All

Functional & Hidden Pockets

Featuring functional & hidden pockets for added convenience during your trips. Access your phone at any time, even when it’s charging. Each strap has 3 inner pockets that can store all of your essential items, not just some of them. That means your charging cables, earphones, extra batteries, SD cards, lens cap and much more.

Wear as Cross-body Bag Mate

Compatible With Any Bag

It’s ultra-compatible and can be installed on any bag.


Customizable to meet your requirements.

NEX is perfect for messenger and camera bags.


100% waterproof

NEX’s knitted mesh material is soft, has a good thickness, and incorporates Ultra-Cool Technology. The result is an incredibly breathable and comfortable wearing experience.

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $40 (28% off). Hurry, only 17/180 left!