This full-body hoodie made from thermoregulating graphene fibers can naturally keep you warm in winters

A wonder material in its own right, Graphene is known for its unique strength and durability properties… however it’s also the world’s fastest known conductor of heat. Using that feature to its benefit, this graphene hoodie-suit can naturally keep you warm in the winter by channeling your body heat and using it to heat you up further. Meet Huggi, an incredibly comfortable piece of loungewear that’s naturally thermoregulating, breathable, quick-drying, and anti-microbial.

Designer: Jason Su

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The Huggi is built on the same premise as the Comfy hoodie from Shark Tank, except it uses a novel kind of material in its construction. Instead of the boring cotton, wool, or polyester, Huggi uses 90% graphene content fiber in its fabric. The cloth is still as soft as any other fabric found on hoodies… except unlike cotton and wool hoodies that take over ten minutes to properly warm you up, Huggi does so in mere seconds, and it keeps you warm regardless of what the ambient temperature is. It does so by trapping your body heat and relaying it back to you, creating almost like a cozy cocoon of your own personal body heat, even in temperatures as low as -15°C (5°F).

The design of the Huggi envelopes you from head to toe in the graphene-fiber fabric, giving you a sense of warmth and comfort at all times. The long design means you can wear the Huggi as loungewear (yes, without any pants on!), and the extra-large hoodie means you can wear it with any kind of hair, while the cross-neck design keeps your neck shielded from the cold the way a scarf would. My favorite part? The fact that the Huggi actually has pockets! Actual deep pockets that are big enough to fit a phone, remote control, even perhaps a tiny bottle of warm water to casually sip on through the day.

Extra large hood and cross neck design.

The Huggi comes in two sizes and three colors – Charcoal, Beige, and Cherry Blossom. The fabric has natural anti-microbial properties, which means you can wear your Huggi for days without needing to wash it… however when you DO need to, simply chuck the Huggi in the washing machine and it’ll be as good as new again!

Click Here to Buy Now: $84 $142 (41% off). Hurry, only 30/100 left!