The Link shoes are an eclectic mix of madness, creativity, and innovation!

I’ll be honest, I’m used to seeing some incredibly ludicrous designs. Floating phones that can take hands-free selfies? Sure. A side table that’s also a bluetooth speaker? Yep. In my line of work, strange concepts aren’t dismissed as unacceptable. They’re welcomed for their fresh perspective, and honestly, I love a product that actually defies expectations. It’s easy to knock a design that you think won’t work, but when that design does actually pull through, that’s a phenomenal feeling because it’s conquered perhaps the hardest opponent. Not engineering, manufacturing, viability. It’s actually changed perception. That being said, this is the Link. A shoe that has no shoelaces, straps, or even an upper cover. It’s literally a sole that ‘snaps to your feet’!

Link presents a very unique approach to footwear. Just step into the soles and they automatically hug your feet, securing themselves in place. Without any upper cladding, the Link feel quite like walking barefoot. They allow your feet to remain ventilated, and providing all the freedom of movement and security you’d get from a pair of sneakers, but with the airy feel of flip-flops.

Designed like a massive bumper-case for your feet, the Link is made with an EVA insole that provides the comfort and the grip, and a hard TPU outsole that comes with a fragmented design, allowing it to bend and flex with your feet. Together, the two materials make up Link’s construction, giving it flexibility, openness, friction/grip, and even a protective bumper around your feet, preventing your toes from accidental stubs and bumps.

Quite unlike any piece of durable, everyday footwear I’ve seen, the Link are best described as flip-shoes… or half-flipflop-half-shoes. Their open design and ease-of-wearing are comparable to flipflops, while the secure, sturdy nature of the thick insole/outsole construction give them all the benefits of a pair of sneakers. Where would one wear the Link flip-shoes, you ask? Why practically anywhere! They’re perfect for the urban lifestyle (both active and lazy!), for a quick trip to the café or the supermarket, or even outdoors while skateboarding or at the pool. The Link’s creators even go so far as to say that they’re ideal for a casual-day at the office, but I’d probably wait till the world is ready for something this out-of-the-ordinary!

Designers: Padwa Design, Olga Kravchenko & Yehuda Azoulay

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Link – The World’s First Flip-Shoe

Experience flip-shoes for the first time in history. An innovative shoe patent. Sole-based shoes. Link is free like a flip-flop, safe as a shoe – a new species of shoe – perfect for your intensive urban life.

Not flip-flop, not shoe but the best of both worlds, Flip-Shoe!

Walk with Link outside, inside and anywhere in between.

Swim with Link, the best swimming pool companion.

Cycle with Link, safe to use with your bike.

Skateboard with Link, they aren’t skateboard shoes but give it a try.

Work with Link, unlike flip-flops, Link is always appropriate for work.

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Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $119 (50% off) Hurry, only 19 left!