This Robot Vacuum Will Clean Your House, And Then Clean Itself… Autonomously

If the phrase “Work Smart, not Work Hard” were a robot vacuum, it would probably be the Roborock S7 Max Ultra. With a design so advanced you’ll never have to lay a finger on it, the S7 Max Ultra can navigate your house, sweep and mop every inch, and make its way back to the dock… but that isn’t all. After it’s done cleaning your house, it basically cleans itself, automatically emptying the dust, refilling its mopping tanks, washing its mop head, and then drying the mop, so that you don’t have to.

The Roborock S7 Max Ultra’s new auto-maintenance features set it completely apart from other robot vacuums, which still need you to manually empty the dust tank after every cycle and refill the mop’s water supply for the next round. It’s natural for products to get better with time as technologies advance, but the S7 Max Ultra does innovation differently. Rather than simply boasting of a higher vacuum power, a better app, or a larger battery, the S7 Max Ultra boasts of all those features, but it also further reduces human intervention. In short, it does what it’s supposed to do, and then does what you’re supposed to do too. Once it completes its cycle, it’ll automatically clean itself, dry itself, and refill itself, leaving absolutely no room for compromise. All you really need to do is watch!

Designer: Roborock

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On paper, the S7 Max Ultra makes for a pretty powerful robot vacuum. Under its hood lies a 5,500 Pa HyperForce® suction system that works hard to extract every dust particle from your floor and carpets. For spills and stains, the vacuum’s VibraRise® System uses a combination of wet-mopping, scrubbing, and vibrating to help effectively wipe stains off your floors. Moreover, the mop module can even retract upwards when the robot vacuums on your carpet, so it doesn’t accidentally get your floor rugs and carpets wet with the mop water.

It can tell the difference between carpet and hard floors, raising and lowering the mop as need to mopping where it’s not supposed to.

PreciSense® LiDAR Navigation

A powerful LiDAR sensor helps the S7 Max Ultra map out sections of your house, quickly creating a template of rooms in your home. The sensor also works in three dimensions, allowing the S7 Max Ultra to understand what obstacles can be navigated around, and what can be navigated above or under. For carpets, the vacuum climbs onto them just fine, but with sofas, it measures the crawl-space to determine whether it can slip underneath to clean parts of your home that often go neglected. The S7 Max Ultra can also detect cliffs, so it doesn’t accidentally cruise off the top of your staircase, and has the ability to map out multiple levels of your home, working on each floor effectively.

However, the most impressive bit of the robot vacuum isn’t the robot vacuum itself… it’s the docking station. The newly designed RoboDock really pulls out all the stops with its pre and post-cycle maintenance routines. Every time the S7 Max Ultra stations itself within the dock, it kickstarts a laborious cleaning process. The RoboDock empties the vacuum’s dust-tank, refills the mop’s water reservoir, cleans the mop head with water, and then dries the mop head too, so it isn’t left dripping wet. It simultaneously cleans the docking zone too, where the vacuum would have probably left some traces of dirt. The RoboDock has its own built-in ‘tanks’ that collect waste as well as hold clean water for the vacuum. A 2.5L dust bag and a 2.5L dirty water tank gather all the waste from the vacuum, and can be cleaned out every few weeks rather than immediately after each cycle. This leaves more time for you to do what you’re doing, rather than cleaning out the vacuum every single time.

Cleaning can happen from any room with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri Shortcuts.

The Roborock S7 Max Ultra and its powerful RoboDock were designed around the premise of offering a “no compromise” cleaning experience where the robot literally does everything for you. An app lets you deploy the robot with a simple press of a button, or set custom schedules for it to deploy on its own. You can set no-go zones, highlight cliffs, deep-clean carpets, and even program it to do things like clean along the floor’s direction, so that dirt doesn’t get trapped in the floor’s texture or tile’s grouting. The robot vacuum autonomously maps out its space, effectively (and rapidly) avoiding obstacles like humans, pets, or over-enthusiastic children, and operates at a decibel level of 65 dB, so it doesn’t spook your pet the way conventional vacuums and hoovers do.

Every time the S7 Max Ultra runs low on battery, it’ll automatically make its way to the RoboDock, where it charges 30% faster than Roborock’s previous robot vacuum models. All you really need to do is tell it when to begin cleaning, and the vacuum gets to work, handling every step along the way… so humans can live their lives, and leave the cleaning to the robots. That’s a future I can absolutely get behind!

Click Here to Buy Now: $1019.98 $1299.99 (21% off). Buy a discount coupon for $18.99 and get $299 off the S7 Max Ultra.