Puritalia Berlinetta’s charmingly curvaceous body is all hand-crafted carbon-fiber

Four years in the making, Puritalia finally revealed their magnum opus, the Berlinetta… a custom-made, hand-crafted beauty that combines advanced technologies under the hood, with a design aesthetic that’s reminiscent of Italy’s ‘Golden Age of Automobile Design’.

The Berlinetta’s design aims at evoking the childlike joy you get from looking at a beautiful Italian automobile, according to designer Fabio Ferrante. Collaborating with Puritalia, Ferrante conceptualized the Berlinetta to be a curvy, yet sinewy automobile, giving it the appearance of muscular power, without necessarily making it look like a ‘muscle car’. Berlinetta’s entire body is designed to be proportional, balanced, and made completely out of carbon-fiber. A very long bonnet houses a powerful super-hybrid 8-cylinder, 965 hp engine, centrally mounted after the front axle, giving the car a short frontal overhang. The front has multiple openings to cool the engine compartment, and Ferrante even added side openings (as an evolution from Puritalia’s previous style) to cool the braking systems. The roof is very rounded and descends gently towards the broad and muscular rear, and is perhaps the only external part of the car that showcases the carbon-fiber’s true texture and pattern. Meanwhile, the car’s interiors are a stellar combination of light tan leather and carbon fiber, giving the Berlinetta a distinct beauty.

“The Berlinetta represents the completion of an intense research and development effort that lasted for four years and began after the presentation of the first prototype, called the “427 Roadster,” in 2015”, says Ferrante. “Each Berlinetta requires an enormous amount of time to make: 800 hours just for all carbon-fiber painting and finishing.” Designed to be a hallmark of fuoriserie, or a customized car, built to perfection, the Berlinetta is a fusion of luxury, power, and Italian automotive expertise and craftsmanship. Only 150 Berlinettas will be made.

Designer: Fabio Ferrante for Puritalia Automobili