This underwater scooter lets you explore the ocean with breath-taking ease

Who said scooters were exclusively for use on land?! The Trident is the integrated underwater scooter that makes exploring the oceans and satisfying your desire for adventure possible! Propelled by dual electric motors that can provide thrust of up to 26.5 pounds, Trident allows you to sore through the water with ease and gracefulness at speeds of up to 4mph… or gently explore and take in the surreal underwater landscape at a more manageable 2.2mph.

It has been designed with both amateur and professional divers firmly in mind; it is cable of transporting the diver 164ft below sea level for up to a full hour. This gives plenty of time for you to take in the underwater world that surrounds you! Fear not, you aren’t about to see your underwater scooter find a new home at the bottom of the ocean; it’s been born with positive buoyancy to avoid this daunting eventuality!

Designer: Innozen Design for Geneinno