This Beast Can Make It Through Anything

Having moved to Chicago recently, it’s become clear to me that I was never prepared for more than a few days’ snow. It had me wonder what on earth people do in the more northern areas of Canada and Greenland, etc. Rest assured, I’ve found exactly what they do, they get on the back of the Can-Am Apache with the badass Backcountry Track System. An upgrade on the already established 360 tracks, the Backcountry Track System takes care of the rough terrain, oh, and everything else one could ever encounter along the way.

Using two-inch lugs, a 13.5-inch front track, and 14-inch rear track, it offers the highest ground clearance of 20.3″ (51.6cm) keeping the vehicles and you out of the snow, maximum floatation, and outstanding deep snow performance. The contact patch alone is 23% larger, while it also has an aggressive track design with a 2″ (5 cm) lug height for maximum traction on the snow. This guy is a true force to be reckoned with and will get you beyond places that other tracks can’t. If only I had one for Chicago…

Designer: J.A. Bombardier of Can-Am