The Frame wall pad elevates smart home design with Korean elegance and utmost IoT convenience

Step into the future of home technology with The Frame, a pinnacle creation for Kocom, the renowned Korean smart home appliance company. Crafted with precision and elegance, this wall pad is designed to redefine the smart home experience with absolute convenience and comfort.

Measuring an impressive 13.3 inches, The Frame boasts a full-screen touch system, setting it apart as a sophisticated and user-friendly centerpiece on the wall of any living space. What distinguishes The Frame isn’t just its functionality but the impeccable design as well. Wrapped in a quiet yet charismatic color palette and adorned with the soft fabric of Kvadrat, the Frame strikes the perfect balance between technology and aesthetics.

Designer: Dive Design, Kyumin Hwang and Minki Kim

Imagine controlling your entire home’s IoT equipment and front door with a simple touch on this smart wall pad. Installed in apartments, The Frame seamlessly integrates into the most sophisticated living spaces, offering a new level of control and convenience making it more than just a device; a statement piece in your lifestyle!

The magic mirror display of The Frame not only offers a glimpse into the future but also seamlessly merges with high-end furniture, creating an illusion of it being a natural part of the interior. It is thus designed to break away from the mundane, The Frame’s unique presence defies the ordinary trend of ubiquitous white-boxed devices, so its minimalistic but luxurious colors and attention to detail set it apart as a design masterwork.

In a world flooded with smart home gadgets, The Frame stands out as an embodiment of elegance, and technological advancement. It’s a seamless integration of technology and artistry, elevating the very essence of what a smart home device can be. With its fusion of Korean sophistication, the Frame is little about what it does, but how it becomes an integral part of your modern living space!