Bugatti’s 110th anniversary car is ‘ferociously futuristic’

This is Bugatti’s latest car. I use car in the most technical sense possible, because the La Voiture Noire (literally translating to The Black Car) is literally a car, complete with an engine, four wheels, doors and such, but it’s also a trophy. The one-off La Voiture Noire celebrates Bugatti’s 110th anniversary as an established automotive brand.

A modern reinterpretation of Jean Bugatti’s Type 57 SC Atlantic (you’ll definitely see similarities in the rear half of the vehicle), the La Voiture Noire also captures the Bugatti brand’s signature stylings. The C-shaped window cutaway is still very present in the La Voiture Noire, and it also retains Bugatti’s iconic tunnel-shaped front grille. At the same time, the La Voiture Noire is testament to Bugatti’s evolving aesthetic. The La Voiture Noire builds on the Bugatti Divo’s aggressive ‘face’, going for a demeanor that’s authoritative, rather than furious-looking. Unlike the Divo, it also relies on gentle, smooth curves that still evoke a sense of extreme speed.

“Every single component has been handcrafted and the carbon fibre body has a deep black gloss only interrupted by the ultrafine fibre structure. This is a material that has been handled perfectly,” says Bugatti designer Etienne Salomé. “We worked long and hard on this design until was nothing that we could improve. For us, the coupé represents the perfect form with a perfect finish.” The car features a one-of-a-kind 16-cylinder engine, delivering so much power that the car packs a mind-numbing six tailpipes. The La Voiture Noire not only is a symbol of Bugatti’s 110-year-old legacy of superior carmaking and fine engineering, but it also is a testament to Bugatti’s exclusivity. In fact, the company has only made a single model of the La Voiture Noire, packed with a whopping price tag of $12.5 million… and guess what. It’s already sold!

Designer: Bugatti