This modernized Ford dune buggy is equally swift on city roads

Ford is known for its robust trucks like the F-150 Raptor and they have a few upbeat concept buggy designs in the pipeline too. That makes complete sense as the future shouts out loud for compact off-roading vehicles that are good for city commutes too instead of hoarding multiple vehicles. This Ford concept off-roading buggy is in line with the future-forward vision the Michigan-based automotive giant could adopt in the coming years.

Having a well-balanced mix of racing, off-roading and city commute aesthetics – the two-seater electric vehicle has a sci-fi element to it. A balanced body frame design with a good ground clearance gives the riders assurance of taking uneven trails with confidence. The low-slung, crawling position of this Ford makes it glued to the tarmac with the smooth aerodynamic form promising optimum drag reduction for the preferred range on the battery.

Designer: Keyu Deng

Dubbed the Fordzilla Hypervan, this dune buggy derives its overall inspiration from the reptilians. The matte black color it’s draped in is a tell-tale sign of its Godzilla design influence. If you see that typical Batmobile influence, you are not alone! The occurrence of matte orange hues on the outside and inside highlight the sharp character of the ride. The battery on the rear indicates its rear-wheel-drive origins, and therefore, a better balance and handling.

The Hypervan gets all glass doors that are gull-winged, and look absolutely gorgeous. These doors are an extension of the windshield and panoramic glass roof which adds a sense of airiness to the four-wheeler. The rear of the vehicle is raised up higher than the front to get maximum downforce which is helpful in keeping it glued to the tarmac at high speeds.

Overall, this is a beach buggy concept with space for a spare tire on the rear and evokes a sense of speed and dynamism without getting too cheeky. The driver and passenger seating looks ultra-comfy which is another good feature for laid-back travel for extended driving stints.