The World’s Fastest Folding Scooter


2 seconds. That’s all it takes to fold and unfold this incredibly convenient electric scooter! Folding makes it portable for urban commuters – you can take it to the metro, cafeteria, office, and more! With a footprint of just 45×40 cm, its super-compact folded form also solves the problem of storing. Check out the vid to see it in action!

Speeds up to 25 km/h
Weighs 13.5 kg
Folds up in 2 seconds with footprint a mere 45×40 cm
250W hub motor
36V Lithium-Ion battery
Drives up to 30 km with a single charge
L1e-B street legal electric scooter
Doesn’t need parking space
Can be charged from a regular outlet

Designer: Stigo

Stigo is a foldable and lightweight electric scooter – here to make your commute sweat free from Harold Saar on Vimeo.