The Future of Inner-City Travel?

Could automated Taxis be the mode of transport of the future?! Well, designer Kwanjun Ryu certainly thinks so as he set out to design a vehicle fit for a futuristic city, this resulted in the creation of Voy, an electric and fully-autonomous Taxi!

Visually, there is no denying the futuristic styling that Voy carries, the sharp surface transitions paired with the flowing lines create a form that’s fit for the future, while its compact dimensions and large, conceptual wheels allow for the vehicle to be approachable as they introduce an element of cuteness to the vehicle.

Voy will cater to all of your inner-city transporting need; a quick call will have it pick you up and take you wherever you desire to go… and in complete comfort. Much like the exterior, the interior carries a visually striking form; ample leg room and large seats provide comfort, whilst the material choice and vast amount of glass creates a light and airy tone. We definitely wouldn’t complain about having to travel in one of these!

Designer: Kwanjun Ryu