One Brainy Bean

Pudding BeanQ introduces education into play in an entirely fun and approachable way! This expressive robot allows children to video chat, play games, ask questions, and chat all while learning along the way. Designed to be a companion at home, it can help little ones learn new languages, teach them how to cook, and even help them go to bed. Unlike many other robots, which can be intimidating and even scary, Pudding BeanQ looks and feels more like a pet with its round body and expressive face. It’s shaped like a bean for two reasons. One, because it’s just darn cute. Two, because it aims to help “sprout” a child’s mind and creativity!

Designers: Yi Chen, Feizi Ye, Tingting Xue, Bin Zheng, Haichen Zheng, Yong Zheng, Jian Sun, Ye Tian, Xue Mei, Fan Li