An easy-to-carry every-day-carry!

The KLIP is one of those EDC products that doesn’t try to take on too much. It does one thing and does it right. Made with a robust titanium body, the KLIP is a convenient little blade housed inside a compact pocket clip, allowing you to fasten it to your pocket or your belt. Its tiny size and portable nature make it not just an EDC but an EEDC (an easy-to-carry everyday carry). The size of a single key, the KLIP works as a keychain too, allowing you to carry/fasten your keys to your pocket while you travel.

The KLIP measures a mere 60mm when closed, and not more than 85mm when opened. It comes with a question-mark design that serves as a suspension hook/clip, but also allows the blade to sit in a recess in the back. The KLIP’s blade measures just over 27mm, comes made from 440C stainless steel, and sports a pointed tanto-style cutting edge and tip that’s great for slicing as well as piercing. The blade’s housed in an incredibly resilient Grade 5 Titanium body that promises to last not for years, but for generations.

“KLIP’s versatility and unique design make it ideal for your everyday adventures”, say the guys at Dapper Design, the California-based studio behind the KLIP. The small form factor enables the KLIP to be the kind of EDC you’d mindlessly carry with you everyday. The blade’s constant presence is what makes it so incredibly useful… and that Titanium construction means the KLIP will be your trusty partner for the rest of your life.

Designer: Dapper Design, LLC

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KLIP is a Titanium Pocket Knife and EDC suspension hook. An awesome everyday-carry suspension key hook with built-in pocket knife, KLIP is crafted from Grade 5 Titanium with a stonewashed finish. The first combination of its kind, KLIP neatly carries your keys and features a built-in precision blade.

KLIP has the perfect balance of tension and flexibility; not too tight, not too loose! Safely put it on your belt loop, put it in your pocket, put it wherever. Carrying hard keys in our pocket can potentially scratch our smart devices. If your keychain has accessories like microlights or a utility knife, this only adds to the discomfort and awkward clump at the bottom of your pocket. KLIP solves this problem.

KLIP takes the conventional suspension clip to a whole new level of functionality.

Whether you consider yourself a minimalist or you carry more keys than the average person, KLIP is the ultimate everyday carry hook option for you.

Expertly engineered using grade 5 titanium, KLIP is designed to withstand serious abuse, making it a durable companion for the most demanding cutting needs.

Open letters, packages, remove staples or cut paper with the KLIP!

While KLIP works with most standard split key-rings, the twist-lock steel cable rings are best for strength, security, and style.

Click Here To Buy Now: $39 $49 ($10 off). Limited time only!