Combine the Board, Catch the Wave


If you know anything about surfing, you’ll know that surf conditions can vary depending on your location, the time of year, the time of day, the weather, etc., etc – and considering there are specific board for specific conditions, this can play havoc when deciding what board to bring to the beach. This in turn can lead to bringing a few different boards to the beach.

From my experience of terrible surfing, I used to believe that surfing was a matter of just grabbing a board, hitting the beach and killing it on the waves, ‘brah’. Knowing the varied sizes and fins actually needed, that’s what makes the 2PRT surfboard by Thomas Meyerhoffer even more interesting.

Industrial designer Thomas Meyerhoffer, a former Senior Designer at Apple, all-around cool dude, now the Co-founder & Chief Design Officer of Latch, has designed something that will truly revolutionize the surfboard game. With the ability to split the board into two parts, the user now has the ability to pack a much smaller board and turn that same board from a shortboard to a longboard to a gun (not an actual gun, it’s a type of board combination) in a matter of moments.

Designer: Thomas Meyerhoffer