The CHEW is an Aluminum+Silicone Alternative to the Disposable Straw

The plastic straw’s been getting some serious bad rap of late, and rightfully so. All single-use plastics are basically clogging our environment and finding themselves in the ocean (and subsequently in our salt too), and the industry is finally shifting to alternatives, with most outlets ditching plastic straws for specialized paper straws, and plastic cutlery for wooden or wood-pulp cutlery. Consumers are becoming more and more aware too, by carrying their own metal straws with them, rather than relying on disposable plastic straws.

While metal straws are most certainly in vogue, there’s a slight experience gap between metal straws and plastic straws. For starters, metal straws aren’t flexible, which means they don’t bend, and they also clink against your teeth. However, they hold up much better than plastic straws, and often help keeping your drink chilled too! The Chew tries to plug that experience gap by introducing a silicone sleeve to the metal straw. Extending upwards out of the aluminum pipe, the silicone sleeve is food-grade, flexible, and feels more like a plastic straw against your mouth and teeth than the aluminum pipe. The name ‘Chew’ comes from a vice that some people indulge in where they chew on the heads of their plastic straws, and while naming the product after that action may not be something I agree with, the fact that it’s a non-disposable, environmentally friendly straw that focuses on UX makes it worth my while!

The Chew comes in a two-part design, that assembles together to form a straw with a silicone head. Designed to be carried and used wherever needed, the Chew comes in its own protective case that keeps it from gathering dirt. Post-usage, the Chew can be rinsed and placed back in the case, while a rather nifty water outlet on the case lets you spin it rapidly, allowing you to instantly dry the Chew out in seconds. With its aluminum and silicone construction, the Chew can last for years, and is even easy to clean and maintain. The materials are dishwasher safe, and if you really want to thoroughly clean the insides, the Chew comes with its own cleaning brush that lets you maintain and reuse the straw over and over again, because unlike plastic straws, the Chew isn’t disposable, and unlike purely metal straws, the Chew actually feels great to sip through!

Designers: Lim Jing Jie, Tommy Cheong & Kevin Yeo

Click here to Buy Now: $14.00 $25.00 (45% off)


CHEW is the world’s first pocketable, chewable, and reusable straw that comes with a case to spin-dry your straw for multiple uses through the day.


Designed to be portable, breaking CHEW into two allows you to slip it into any pocket.

Sits snugly inside your pocket.


iPhone 6 Comparison.


Finally! A straw you can chew on!

Chew on food grade silicone tips inspired by nature and classic geometric elements.


CHEW allows you to dry your reusable straw by taking it out for a spin.

If you hate moisture in closed cases or just the idea of moist straws freak you out, don’t worry. You can spin that residual water out of your case.


Struggle no more against that final barrier to your sweet drink as this simple cut allows your reusable straw to slide smoothly into your cup.

Paving the way to your sip.

How To Use CHEW

Uncap and Assemble.

Pop, Lock and Pull.

Slide into your drink and sip!

How To Clean Your CHEW

Just rinse.

Slide CHEW back into it’s case.

And spin!

Click here to Buy Now: $14.00 $25.00 (45% off)