Bench, Cup, Pleat, and Plane

Let me introduce you to a multi-talented designer by the name of Delphine Frey. She’s got a handle on a grip of object projects right now, and this post contains four of the most fabulous. There’s a desk that becomes a console lamp, a champagne bucket made of pleated silver, a paper plane that’s made of something that’s not paper at all, and a set of cups made to turn whatever liquid they contain into a fully full experience.

Slim and Strong : Desk, console lamp, everything you need to sit during the day, read and study whilst laying on your stomach at night. S&S is made of carbon so it’d be able to be as thin as possible (1mm thick) while it houses and contains an array of LED lights underneath.

Silver Pleat : A champagne bucket of such glamourous make and content. This Silver Pleat is made out of, you guessed it, pleated silver. That’s pleated silver which, when under the weight of the bottle, is deformed, this recalls the elegance of pleated cloth from the world of haute-couture. It’s all very rich indeed.

Paper plane : A decorative plane made for the TAG Aviation group for a holiday gift. Made of carbon with a place for the client’s ID on the side.

Grand Cru cup : This is a set of cups that’s aimed at giving you a total immersion experience. The word Frey uses is “degustation,”* which, of course, if you know the word, tells you that each cup makes you want to taste the liquid inside carefully so that you appreciate it to the max.

*ORIGIN early 17th cent.: from Latin degustare, from de- ‘completely’ + gustare ‘to taste.’ — thank you Apple dictionary.

Designer: Delphine Frey