The ExpoWanted Design Competition is the first to use Instagram as a Launchpad

It seems only natural that Instagram, a purely visual social network, would be the perfect ‘battleground’ of sorts for a design competition. ExpoWanted, a design competition organized by the minds behind the design blog DesignWanted, aims at helping use the ubiquity and leverage of Instagram as a social platform to launch and award products, individuals, and teams. ExpoWanted is accepting design submissions currently on their website, and aim at showcasing the work of 10 winners at the Milan Design Week in 2019.

Milan becomes the very mecca of design every year around the annually held Design Week. With visitors from all around the globe, and companies showcasing their very best work at locations all around the city, it’s perhaps one of the highest honors to have your work showcased at the same week and on the same platform as powerhouses like Kohler, Nendo, Samsung, etc. Ten winners of the ExpoWanted design competition will see their work showcased at the Tortona Design District in Milan, with a footfall of nearly 150,000 people, comprising designers, peers, clients, buyers, journalists, and enthusiasts. This will also be followed by an extensive communication campaign powered by DesignWanted.

The free-entry competition will be conducted online, with a star-studded jury panel of design leads from Ogilvy, Tatic Designstudio, Ventura Projects, and more. With a simple theme that reads “Products that impact on our everyday life”, the ExpoWanted jury panel will select 7 winners while the remaining 3 will be selected via Instagram, using the social network’s visual focus and global outreach to turn it into a launchpad for good design. Designs that cross the preliminary judging round will need to pay a judging fee, but are eligible for a 5% discount if you use YD’s coupon code: YDDW19

Head to the ExpoWanted website by clicking on the link below and submit your work for free. You just may stand to win a chance to showcase your projects at design’s biggest international event ever… the Milan Design Week! And you’ll also gain a healthy handful of Instagram followers too!

Important Information

Submission Deadline: 5th March 2019
Submission Details: Click Here
Submission Form: Click Here
YD’s Coupon Code: for 5% Discount: YDDW19