A Fresh Take on The Vacuum Cleaner

With considerable assistance from the incredible engineers and innovators at the likes of Dyson and Vax, the domestic vacuum cleaner has seen a dramatic transformation within the past couple of decades, with power levels and capabilities increasing whilst the size and weight is reduced. However, designer Ja Heon Lee felt like there was room for improvement when it came to the ergonomics and user comfort… and thus, LVC was born!

As its name would suggest, LVC, or the Lofstrand Vacuum Cleaner has been inspired by the structure of the famous Lofstrand Crutch, which was designed to take the strain of the user’s weight off their wrists. This has led to the vacuum cleaner to carry a distinctive form and be operated into a different manner; the body of the vacuum sits above the user’s form arm, therefore taking the strain off their wrist and reducing their chances of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

Designer: Ja Heon Lee