A More Immersive Gaming Experience!

Virtual reality harnesses the power to completely immerse the user within a game, and momentarily transport them to another world. However, this illusion is promptly broken when there is an absence of haptic feedback at a time where it is needed. This is where the team at ENTWURFREICH saw room for improvement, and their solution came in the form of the Mixed Reality Controller!

This intriguing piece of kit conceals several linear motors that are built-in to the unique form. These provide the user with a physical action that complements the visuals they are experiencing through a VR headset… so crashing into that virtual wall or battling with the enemy on a medieval battleground will feel more real than ever!

The Mixed Reality Controller also tackles another common weakness… the feeling of holding different objects. Through intensive research and iterations of the design, the team settled on this branched form that allows the user to configure the controller in many ways, and opens them up to new gripping scenarios!


The hardware contains several built-in linear motors that activate a physical reaction in the controller which is suitable to the virtual event. So, for example, the user can feel a thump against the palm of his hand when virtual sword blades collide during a medieval fight. Poor vibrational imitations are now a thing of the past.

The minimalist MRC controller thus acts as an innovative connection element between the physical and digital worlds. It inspires players to immerse themselves more completely into the virtual world and enables a far more multi-faceted and desirable user experience!