The ANISO UNI is a Sundial with a Quartz Swiss Movement

It’s just two key differences that make the ANISO UNI the beautiful watch that it is. The ANISO UNI pulls inspiration from perhaps the oldest man-made time-keeping device, the sundial, and brings it to the more traditional analog wristwatch… and more importantly, it does so without changing too much, or making the watch difficult to read. The ANISO UNI is a contemporary timepiece that uses hands to tell time, but also uses light and shade to celebrate how we measured time millennia ago.

Essentially a 24-hour watch, the ANISO UNI tells its hours using a rotating dial that showcases the journey of the sun and the stars, from sunrise to sunset and back. The dial is half-concealed, and only shows the hemispherical path that the sun and the stars take in the sky as we see it. Follow the sunbeam as it journeys from 6am to 6pm, and then the star as it journeys from 6pm to 6am. The cycle continues day after day, resembling the circadian clock we have within us.

The second noteworthy (and probably most eye-catching) detail is the ANISO UNI’s minute hand. Tilted at a 45° angle, the intricately etched hand behaves as an indicator of minutes, as well as casts an artwork of shadows on the UNI’s watch-face canvas. Paying tribute to the sundial’s gnomon (the outward hand that cast the shadow), the minute hand on the UNI casts a detailed shadow that points at the minute, making it the kind of watch you can admire from up top, or even from the sides.

These time-telling design details come encased in a 316L Stainless Steel case that comes in shiny and brushed finishes across silver, PVD coated rose-gold, and black. Sitting on top of the casing is a dome-shaped hardened mineral crystal with an anti-reflective and anti-scratch coating, while under the dial is the Ronda Swiss 505.24 movement, a robust, reliable, GMT dual time movement. The movement sits inside a water-tight housing that provides resistance up to 3 ATM of pressure.

Part watch, part history lesson, and part piece-of-art, the ANISO UNI isn’t different from other watches in the way it tells time. In fact, I would argue that it’s much more natural, as it borrows from the way our internal circadian clocks sense the time, from daylight to darkness, and then back. The gnomon-esque hand adds another layer of beauty too, casting intricate shadows in sharp lighting, making your watch a pleasure to look at, at any time… and from all angles!

Designers: Ivan Chan & Raymond Lam of Aniso Creations

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The ANISO UNI sports a unique design that highlights the particular angled minute hand, mimicking the gnomon – a part of a sundial to cast a shadow.





The shadow cast by the minute hand adds a unique touch for you to experience a different time in every minute.

To highlight this unique designed minute hand, we tell the hour in a slightly subtle way. The hour plate with a 240 degrees opening again replicate the look of the sundial, and the sun and star graphic will be the ‘shadow’ cast by a gnomon.


With the sun and star graphic, ANISO UNI displays time in 24-hours. The sun points to the hour in the daytime while the star tells the time at night.

This video explains How to Read the Time.


The sun, sundial, gnomon, the star have led the design of ANISO UNI’s watch case to be inspired by the telescope.


Crafted from stainless steel 316L or rose gold (using PVD or Physical Vapor Deposition plating process), the case of the watch is very durable and sports a cipher on the back cover, which is a time stamp.





ANISO UNI has straps in 4 colors: grey, white, black and brown. All straps are made with leather. Grey and white straps use the sharp edge design.


This relatively modern style gives an interesting contrast to what we call the ‘classic’ look of the black and brown straps.


The strap is made of genuine cowhide leather.


On black and brown straps, the edges are wrapped and have stitching. On grey and white straps, the edges are protected by paint.


The sheepskin cloth is excellent for removing dust and fingerprints on your watch.





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