Get a Grip On Your Jar!


Whether it’s holding it under water or leaving it upside down for 10 seconds, it seems like everybody has their own secret (and usually ineffective) way to open a jar. Well, toss your mama’s trick in the trash because now there’s one surefire way to get it open each time! It’s called Zip-Eat and it gives your muscles and grips the extra oomph they need.

Made of a flexible, gripping material and equipped with a unique zipper-lock mechanism, it can clasp on to any size jar lid. Simple affix it to the lid, tighten it up, and twist! The only downside is that you won’t be able to look like a tough guy because your significant other will be able to do it themselves!

Designers: Lior Rokah-Kor & Tali Deutsch for OTOTO