The Flypack has the Soul of a Briefcase and the Storage of a Backpack

Designed like a backpack but with the spirit of a briefcase, the Flypack is a travel-carry with a touch of professionalism. It sticks to a feature list that makes sense to its user and most importantly to its scenario. The Flypack comes with enough storage for a 48-hour business trip, holding everything from your work essentials to your personal essentials in its segregated storage.

Built with a custom-engineered fabric exterior that lends a firmness to the backpack, the Flypack isn’t a flimsy laptop bag that you stuff your clothes into. It comes with a luggage compartment that was designed to resemble the way you’d store luggage in a suitcase. Within the luggage compartment also lies a series of toiletry and accessory pouches to make travel easier. Adjacent to the luggage compartment is the storage compartment for all your work essentials. A padded laptop slot, individual pouches for your chargers, peripherals, cables, etc.

The Flypack’s pièce de résistance is its custom engineered fabric. The fabric is dust-proof, water-proof, and even slash-proof, offering a sort of durability that is often overlooked in travel bags. Leather accents give the bag its professional touch, and YKK zippers ensure that the bag’s performance exceeds expectations. The Flypack also comes with external quick-access storage for passports, wallets, eyewear, keys, and even magazines, offering RFID protection to your essentials wherever necessary. The Flypack, given its scenario-specific design, was made for easy traveling. The bag comes with shoulder-straps as well as a handle, allowing you to carry it any way you see fit. A concealable sling-strap also lets you hang it as a messenger, while a hidden luggage band lets you secure the bag to your wheeled luggage as you traverse through the airport. Each Flypack is protected by a 10-year warranty commitment by the company, promising to provide better storage than your trusty ol’ briefcase, and look more professional than your flimsy laptop bag, while lasting longer than the two of them combined!

Designer: Simon Cui

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The Flypack is a 48-hours business travel briefcase with a modern advanced design. It has more than fifteen features and the bag can convert into three different styles (backpack, briefcase or travel bag) based on your needs.


It is a bag that is designed for frequent travelers and adventurers.


Fits everything you need: a 13″ to 17″ laptop, any sized iPad, electronics, books, all your cables, and everything you need for your day of work.


Convert into a backpack anytime, anywhere for when you are tired of holding the bag.

When you travel, Flypack can easily be attached to your luggage and convert into a carry-on, it meets all the size requirements for any flight in the world.


The luggage style compartment can fit enough for a day or two of supplies.

You don’t need a separate toiletry bag anymore, the Flypack has waterproof compartments to hold your washing supplies.

Carry your favorite magazine or book with you.

Put your favorite sunglasses, earbuds and pocket clip into this special compartment.

The Hyperlight Performance material used for the bag are exclusive and is 100% waterproof. The material is strong enough to withstand knifing.

Flypack is crafted from signature Matte Black Hyperlight.











Click Here To Buy Now: $112 $199 (35% off).