Push to purify!

The Grayl Geopress does what any water purifier does, but does it A. Faster, B. Better, and C. In the form factor of an ultra-portable bottle. A successor to the Ultralight purifier bottle, the Geopress makes a few improvements on the purification as well as the aesthetic front.

The Geopress comes with the same frosted finish as the Ultralight, making the water inside look cool and refreshing, while the outer body also comes with a gripping pad that sports a nifty topographical texture. The inner chamber of the Geopress packs a new and improved filter that can completely purify a full bottle of water in a staggering 8 seconds (half as fast as the Ultralight). The filter traps microparticles like dirt, debris, sand, microplastics, chemicals, and heavy metals; eliminates microbodies like viruses, bacteria, and protozoan cysts; and improves the taste and smell of the water, turning water from any source into perfectly healthy potable water. Using the Geopress involves filling the outer chamber with water, and pressing the inner chamber down on it with the force of your body. The pressure forces the water through the filter and into the inner chamber, making it perfectly fit for consumption. Grayl’s purifier units work for as many as 350 presses, purifying 65 gallons before needing replacement.

The bottle also comes with a redesigned top that contains a 28mm spout for easy pouring and drinking, as well as a pressure-release valve that allows air to escape as your purify the water. A literal necessity for outdoor as well as international travelers, the Geopress is easy to carry and easy to use, because having access to healthy drinking water wherever you go is practically a fundamental right!

Designer: Grayl

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