Print-on-Demand Bicycle

For maximum efficiency and economic sensibility, the Luna Bicycle features 3D-printed components mixed with off-the-shelf parts. The design’s printed pieces include a nylon frame, front fork as well as handle bars… making them easy and affordable to replace. The unique hexagonal form of the frame structure gives it incredible strength while still being light. Better yet, because components are 3D printed, they can be color customized or mixed and matched for a look that’s entirely unique!

Designer: Omer Sagiv


  • Mario says:

    You would need a huge 3d printer to achieve a seamless print for the frame part. This has been tried with titanium printers but always in small sections or just printing the lugs and using standard titanium tubing. Have you actually found a printer that can handle this size?

  • Mario says:

    The printer you list is not yet widely available how can you make durability tests with such a device? Theoretically you could of course construct such a printer. but it is not applicable…

    “making them easy and affordable to replace” is not given if it relies on tech not yet on the market or highly rare.

    Keep in mind a 60cm size bike frame has a print area of up to 80cm if you consider the length between rare dropouts and steerer tube. And there are many people who need larger frames then that, even the standard 56 cm frame which many companies sell as “medium” is usually larger along the longest dimension then 75cm…

    I am not saying this is not feasible just that it is not easy and affordable and such printers are not easy to find.

  • Jaja says:

    It is very easy to make such concepts. In my experience, one would have to make the frame in parts and assemble it together. Plus, nylon is a very expensive polymer. Even more expensive to use in 3D printing.
    Natasja (The Netherlands)

  • Big Bad Wolfe says:

    Dontcha think the honeycomb structure has been used and used to the point of aesthetic exhaustion? I mean come on now, don’t use it for the sake of using it.

  • TJ says:

    A foldable version that can go on public transport please. Sections would then be smaller & easier to print. TJ

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