The Fly Phone

FlyIdea is an amazing phone that features an alluring interface. I simply love the dongle-earphone that performs a myriad of functions. The dongle essential functions as wireless earphone, and syncs with the phone to work as a camera, gaming sensor, music controller and video recorder. Both the earphone and phone work independently and together. The concept offers an innovative way of using the phone with the added functionality of the earphones dongle.

Designer: Tryi Yeh


  • Faris says:

    Now this is an AWESOME Design.. Hats off for you sir!!!

  • vladimir says:

    how much is this fly mobile.vladimir

  • harris says:

    hi yeah how much is the phone

  • Chrazzie says:

    It’s a great concept except for the sliding screen that goes to lock to silent. You can’t just move the screen freely like that. And the headset with camera doing a kinect type camera!? What the heck! Maybe in the future this design applies but the technology right now? Not a chance.

  • Ericheng says:

    sliding screen I think it`s easy to realize,

  • Ericheng says:

    cool!! the form is a lot better than Iphone 5!!!!

  • Sanjay Sharma says:

    Price of phone and how to order it Tks

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