Ideebebe’s Super-absorbent Bibs Make Parenting a Little Less Hassling

We at Yanko seldom venture into covering childcare products, but often when we come across something simple, effective, and with a good deal of innovation, we give it a shoutout. This is one such time.

Ideebebe’s disposable bibs are heaven-sent for parents with toddlers. Teething toddlers drool, spill things, and often let food out and there’s always one cloth that comes to the rescue. A simple cotton bib. These bibs last for years and need to be washed periodically, but science suggests that a reused bib can often become a breeding ground for bacteria, causing rashes and irritation. Cotton isn’t even completely absorbent, and forms just a rudimentary buffer between water/food and the clothes underneath.

Ideebebe’s disposable bibs, on the other hand, solve all these problems. Each individual bib is highly absorbent (it retains large amounts of liquid without leaking) and sits on the toddler’s clothes via two sticky-tapes. The bibs are eco-friendly, using Tencel (a fiber made from eucalyptus) and Bamboo cloth, are super-hydrophilic, and are most importantly, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.

Given that any single-use products aren’t really considered desirable, the case with Ideebebe’s disposable bibs is much stronger, since it’s made from natural materials and is designed to be easy on the environment (unlike diapers or sanitary napkins which need a proper disposal system). Disposable bibs are also much healthier for the baby, since a single bib lasts through the entire day and then gets discarded before it gets too dirty or turns into a breeding ground for germs, molds, and bacteria. Ideebebe’s bibs keep the baby dry, clean, and happy!

Designer: Sangwook Lee

Click here to Buy Now: $46 $60 (23% off)


Like disposable diapers, the Ideebebe One Day bibs can help you reduce household labor and save you time.


All you need is one to last you the entire day.


Simply peel and attach the two stickers on the baby’s clothes to secure the bibs.


Because babies can chew or suck on the bibs, their bibs are dye and phosphorus-free. In order to avoid using chemical adhesions, they opted for a thermal ultrasonic adhesion method.

Highly absorbent.




Click here to Buy Now: $46 $60 (23% off)