The ST3 turns the world into your stage


Reducing tonnes of equipment to just one travel-suitcase, the ST3 is a performer’s best friend. The innovative design packs a built-in amplifier, stage, microphone and stand. Perfect for impromptu performances, jam-sessions, and street performers, the ST3 and self-confidence is pretty much all you’ll need.

The stage, as it is, wraps around a central column that houses the wheels, handle, and a microphone stand. The stage itself opens into a flat platform big enough for even two people. Screw the microphone stand in, and you’re ready to perform. The stage comes with speakers powered by an inbuilt amplifier, and even has ambient lighting to add some drama to the performance. When done, fold the stage back down to its suitcase-worthy size, collect your compliments (tips too, maybe), and make a grand exit!

Designer: Lee Long Yin