A Smoke-free Wood-Burner for the Ultimate Enjoyment!

Firepits bring with them a gentle warmth, atmospheric glow and uniquely comforting smell that we have come to love, however, they can also bring with them an abundance of unpleasant smoke that takes away the enjoyment from the occasion. BioLite has an innovative solution to this rather annoying problem!

The BioLite Firepit is a smoke-less wood burner that offers the user a front row seat to everything going on inside the fire. It doesn’t use a chemical fuel or a gas to create the perfect fire, it uses standard wood mixed with a touch of clever engineering; by injecting air through 51 air jets, the temperature is far more uniform throughout the fire-pit, this in-turn ensures for a dramatically improved combustion! The air is provided by a fan that is located within the USB-rechargeable powerpack; not only does the fan provide more efficient combustion, but it also offers control over the fire’s intensity!

Complete with a chunky design and X-Ray Mesh, you can now cook your meals in a more enjoyable manner!

Designers: Jonathan Cedar & Alex Drummond

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