The Nokia Twist

While we still marvel at the concept of bendy phones and ones that are transparent, it’s time to welcome a genre that twists and can be easily manipulated to fit your ergonomic form. HumanForm is a an project by Nokia Design and Nokia Research Center and explores the promise of nanotechnology and emotional interactions in a dynamically flexible device that goes beyond being just another touch screen. It features voice communication where technology is invisible and intuition takes over! The following video explains it all…

HumanForm and a follow-up Nokia Kinetic Device prototype were launched in Nokia World 2011.

Designers: Tapani Jokinen & Jarkko Saunamaki for Nokia Design and Nokia Research Center

[youtube: 600 451]


  • Hummm Not bad..I remember that long ago, people imagined things in the 80’s that come out in the 2000’s .. I think “Back to the Future”, Terminator etc. .. until now the technology does not evolve too fast. I think this concept will be launched in the 2040s. good idea!

  • MDesigns says:

    Great concept and Video. But if it cannot be produced in 2-3 years, some other advanced technology will make this one irrelevant.

  • Mortimer says:

    Great concept? Are you serious? What UI problem does this solve? How awkward is “bend to zoom?” How do I send a message to someone on this thing? Are you all blind? This is utterly hideous design.

  • kamalpreet says:

    gr8 idea…..

  • It’s about time they – Nokia – bring such real innovations to the game. Their Lumia phones are nice, but this would put some real spice back into the competition with, for example, the Samsung Ativ S…

  • Blake Kucera says:

    I want one really bad

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