Experience Nature in Tantalizing Comfort

The Ninox Flatlay hammock may just be the ultimate method of spending a night with nature! Ninox’s unique, tried-and-tested design has been achieved through the development of an innovative construction method that features wave-shaped patterns of material, this allows for the user to lie truly flat in any direction; whether this be on their back, side or front they are sure to find a position that is comfortable for them!

The simple, knot-free design makes setting up Ninox free from any hassle, and thanks to the newly-developed, crazy-soft TESLON3 material, that is 20% lighter than the original iteration, it is a breeze to travel with! Available with the Ninox is a spacious, and sometimes rather necessary, insect shield; the lightweight screen can be removed if the user would prefer to enjoy the panoramic views from the comfort of their bed!

You can now enjoy a night in the great outdoors in tantalizing, cloud-like comfort!

Designer: Richard Rhett of Sierra Madre Research

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Click here to Buy Now: $159. Hurry, less than 24 hours left!