The future of EDC is slim and sleek too

Face it, we’ve got slim TVs, slim phones, slim tablets, slim laptops, all because processors are getting more and more compact, and microchips are now at a thickness that can only be measured in nanometers. That trend is bound to spill over into the rest of our lives too, right? Imagine the dissonance of having to carry a phone that’s 7mm thick, and then an absolutely overloaded wallet that’s practically near 2 centimeters in thickness.

Truly a wallet of the 21st century, the Turner Wallet from Andar measures a meager 4mm when empty, and expands to not more than 6-7 mm, when filled with cards and cash. The card-sized, card-shaped wallet is perfectly handy, fitting comfortably into palms and pockets alike. It comes with a slot for banknotes, a slot for visiting cards, and a dedicated space for as many as 8 payment cards with a nifty quick-draw-tab that allows the cards to pop out of their slot, ready for you to use. The Turner wallet (aptly named for the way it marks a turning point for wallet design) is a modern-age combination of stylish and utilitarian. It ditches the thick bifold-with-coin-case design because payments have evolved with time. Still built to hold a few banknotes, the Turner is accommodating, and does so without making your pocket feel heavy or giving it the unsightly bulge that wallets of yesteryear tend to do. Made from full-grain leather, the Turner even comes with an RFID-blocking construction that protects your cards from digital theft or fraud, and sports four distinct tanned looks that go remarkably well with its impeccable full-grain leather construction!

Designer: Andar

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